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Foods That Can Shrink Fibroids Naturally

Foods That Can Shrink Fibroids Naturally – If you’ve been diagnosed with noncancerous and small developments of the uterus referred to as Fibroids, you should take steps in changing your lifestyle and diet. Painful fibroids are causing infertility and even excessive bleeding. Fibroids removal can be done by Laproscopy if they are in large numbers and medication in minor cases. Even if the cause of having fibroids is still unknown, fibroid development is associated with estrogen hormone. Through medication, it suppresses or blocks estrogen for treating these painful fibroids. Gonadotropin, a releasing hormone, is an essential help in shrinking fibroids by 30% – 90%.

It is also considered that fibroids frequently shrink when women go through menopause. It is necessary to know foods that can shrink painful fibroids by reducing estrogen content. Fibroids are influenced by such hormonal changes in the body, most especially if there is an abundance of estrogen. There are foods that can shrink fibroids naturally in the market. Here are the lists of foods that can shrink fibroids naturally:


One of the foods that can shrink fibroids naturally is fish. Fish like tuna, salmon and mackerel helps calm swollen tissues. Fish contains fatty acids that aid in fibroid irritation and decreasing the inflammation of the uterine fibroids.

Whole Grains

One example of foods that can shrink fibroids naturally is whole grains. Rich whole grains help in increasing the dietary fiber. The fiber consumption helps balance the hormonal levels and helps flush out toxins from the body.


Organic veggies are a healthy source of food for treating fibroids. Women who suffer from painful fibroids must have organic vegetables like spinach and broccoli in their lifestyle and diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One spoon of apple cider vinegar can really do wonders in treating fibroids. You can mix it with your salad to help in detoxifying your system. Cleansing the kidneys and liver is one of the most significant things in order to have a healthy uterus.


It increases the liver levels supporting enzymes that are vital for phase 2 detoxification in the liver. It also promotes the bile production that helps shrink fibroids. This is one of the foods that can shrink fibroids naturally and adding a little of it in your food is essential.

Dandelion Root

If you really want to shrink your fibroids, you need to learn all foods that can shrink fibroids naturally. A cup of hot tea with a piece of dandelion root can help stimulate the bile production and help cleanse your liver.

Lean Meat

If you’re not a vegetarian, it is needed to change your usual red meat and turn to white or lean meat. Red meat consumption like pork and beef increases the estrogen levels that can lead to fibroids growth.


Even if garlic has an unappetizing smell, it is essential for the uterus. It has antioxidants which discourage tumor developments. Technically, painful fibroids are tiny muscular tumors that can be shrunk and prevented by having garlic as one of the foods that can shrink fibroids naturally.

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